Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Stahnke's Fall & Winter Update!

Well, I thought it would be good to post a few more pictures on here.  So below are pictures from Halloween, Christmas, and Andrew's Gotcha Day!  I'm finally caught up with things around my house, and I'm gearing up to get busy with my photo shoots again, as soon as spring comes.  I have to be honest, I miss working!  I love leaving the house for just a few hours, and I haven't had that break in quite some time!  I did do a newborn photo shoot this last week, and I had a blast!  You can check out a few of those pictures on my photography facebook page, and while you are there you can press like to see all my up to date photo shoots.

On a different note, Andrew has been doing great in school, and we have his IEP meeting next week.  I'm not sure if he is going to get to go to the preschool again next year.  When these kids get excepted into the preschool on an IEP, they like to see the kids in there till he starts kindergarten, but because his speech is so well, I don't even know how they can keep him there.  I do like the preschool that he is going to, because they are really preparing him for kindergarten already.  In fact,  Andrew is in a class with other kids that are 5, and Andrew will not be 4 till April, so he is very challenged.  Andrew keeps up though, he recognizes all his letters, and he knows all the letter's sounds.  He can count up to his 30's, and recognizes his numbers.  He can spell his first and last name.  He can even write his first name, and they are working on writing all the other letters as well.  He is also learning how to spell some simple words like mom, dad, cat, and dog.  

I can't wait till spring gets here.  I look forward to taking Andrew out every day and just play with him!

Visit to the pumpkin patch!

Fun carving pumpkins!

Boo at the Zoo!

Andrew went as his favorite thing a police officer, so we couldn't think of anything better then Megan to go as a prisoner!

Christmas with the kids!

Andrew's 3rd year gotcha day!  I can't believe we have had our little guy for 3 years now.  I remember the day we got him like it was yesterday!  I love talking to Andrew about how we got him, and the older he is getting he is having more questions!  It breaks my heart to have to explain to him that I didn't carry him in my belly like I did Megan and Alisha.  He is very confused by that.  I just don't know how much a 3 year old can really understand, but with God's grace He will give me the right words to say.  I do know that his birth mother gave me the best gift any one could every give me, and I thank God everyday for him!

We got this doctor set for Andrew to help him with his anxiety of going to the Dr.  He loves to be a Dr.!