Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So What Has The Stahnke Family Been Up To?

I haven't been able to get caught up on posting after my computer broke down, but I think after this post I'm all caught up.  We have been busy here at the Stahnke Household!  One fun thing we did during spring break is the Children's Museum.  A friend of mine gave us some free tickets, so we took advantage of that, and my friend also joined us with her kids.  Andrew thought it was great to be able to play in the sand even if he wasn't at the beach!!!

Andrew thought it was great digging for dinosaurs.  What he didn't know, was that Megan was hiding them in the sand for him.

Andrew also loved the little grocery store!

The water works was a ton of fun for Andrew as well.

One big milestone in our house, is Andrew started preschool after his third birthday.  He qualified for the preschool at the public school in our school district because of his speech delay.  He was so ready to go, even though it was hard on me.  Since his first day, he has been learning so much, and he has been having so much fun there.  He only goes on Tues. and Thurs. but I have to admit that the break is kind of nice.  I have been getting some things done during those few hours!!!!  On the subject of Andrew's speech delay.  He will be having surgery sometime over summer to fix his submucous cleft.

So of course it wouldn't be spring in our house if we didn't have an evening at our favorite park!  Alisha has been so busy these days, with college, work, and her boyfriend, so a lot of times she isn't around for our fun family outings.  It makes me sad, but I guess it is a part of her growing up.  Only 15 more years with Andrew, and it will just be me and my husband going out.  

About a week ago, my little Andrew got a chance to visit the firestation.  A friend of mine's husband works there, and he gave Andrew along with his own kids, a personal tour.  Andrew was so excited, and he couldn't wait to wear his fireman gear.  He listened to every word that the fireman said.  

Not sure what Andrew was doing in this picture!  He can be a big a goof ball sometimes.

Then Andrew also got to meet the fire chief and he even let Andrew wear his hat and sit in his chair.  Andrew didn't seem to thrilled with the idea of paper work over spraying the water hose!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Andrew's birthday and Easter!

So I haven't posted in awhile but not because I didn't want to.  I have been having computer trouble, and after three weeks of absolute heck, the conclusion is, I had to get a new computer!  So finally I am able to take some time and post about all the fun things going on!  So be ready for some picture overload, and there will be more post to come.

So Andrew's real birthday landed on Good Friday this year.  Megan had school off and we were headed to record high's in the 80's, so we did all we could outside that day.  We headed to the park and had lunch, and played until we couldn't handle the heat anymore, then off to home for Andrew's nap.

Then of course we headed to our favorite birthday restaurant, Buca. This is a picture I grabbed when checking the lighting on my camera, before I gave it to Josh to take.  Guess which daughter is having the mood swings lately!!!!

So then we finally got a nice picture of all of us.

Then they brought my little guy a great big cupcake and wow did he just did in!  Alisha's boyfriend Josh also has the same birthday as Andrew, so we celebrated his birthday as well!!!!

Then we decided that the evening was way to nice to just go home and be inside, so we didn't care if it got dark, we went to the park!  Wow the park in two times in a day!!!!!!

We went to my sister in laws this year to decorate the eggs.  The kids had so much fun.  Here is Andrew checking out the egg that Grandma did.

For Easter this year I got the kids all stuff for the beach for when we go on vacation.  They all got a new bathing suit, a towel, beach bag (except Andrew because I couldn't find him one), flip flops, and sun glasses.  They all were so excited!

We had Easter the Saturday before Easter at Cain's parents, so we could all get together at the same time.  The kids had so much fun finding eggs. 

Then Josh, got this family easter picture for us.  He took about 20, and there was not even one picture where we all were looking at the same time!  But you got to check out the funny pictures I got while checking the lighting on the camera.  Wow does my family like to act up in front of the camera.

Then Easter evening, after Andrew got his nap we headed to my parents for more easter egg finding.  Alisha and Josh did a great job of hiding the eggs.  They even put some of them in the tree!  It was great watching the kids try to figure out how to get them.

Wow what a great Easter!