Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Days & Easter

So spring has been busy, and it has been raining more then I would like to talk about, but at least I'm getting out with Andrew when I can.  Easter was fun with the kids, and below are some of the latest pictures of our family!

So Andrew's most favorite thing to do is play with his little rescue vehicles, and everyday he tells me that I can play with him.  So I do play with him, but honestly after about 10 minutes, I'm just bored out of my mind.  So on this particular day, I figured I would interact with him by snapping pictures instead of playing along with him.  He didn't seemed to mind as long as I was near by!  My little guy loves his quality time with mom!

So this was the 3rd year our church had an Easter Egg Launch, and this year we wanted to be sure to get the word out by bringing the church service right to the event.  So we had church outside, with the band and everything, and I loved it!  We had a very warm day in-spite of all the rain and cold we have had, and we had a wonderful turn out!  We have been seeing new faces at church every week since the event!  

Of course I got signed up to take pictures at the event, but I didn't mind.  It is always my way to give back to God for the talent and abilities He has given me!  

I did make Cain grab a few shots of me with the kids!  He is getting better every day at following my instructions when I hand him the camera.  I'm actually getting to show up in some photos some times!

So my grandmother wasn't feeling to well for her own birthday party so it got cancelled, and instead we came by on our own and I made her a giant chocolate chip cookie!  I'm always thankful for the time I get to spend with this amazing women!  She is still great at listening, and she has amazing wisdom!

So my little niece is getting so big!  She hardly looks the same!  I guess I have to see her often as I'm sure she will change some more!

We had a fun time all of us painting eggs at Grandmas!  It's amazing how fast you can paint eggs with everyone getting involved.  Before she knew it Megan looked up and all the eggs were gone, and she only got to do two of them.  I guess she took her time doing the ones she did!

The kids had a blast with the punching balloons from Grandma!  That was one loud room!

Here we are with the kids on easter morning!  Notice we are one child short!  She doesn't live at home anymore, so it makes it real hard to get her in these shots!  

And her is our newest addition to the Stahnke Family.  My new little niece that was just born last week!  There are just babies everywhere!  Baby!  Baby! Baby!

Andrew just loves his little cousin, but I don't think he knows his own strength!  He looks like he is strangling her in this picture!