Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Christmas Pictures!

We had Christmas at my in laws on the Sunday after Christmas and I'm just now getting around to posting the pictures.  We had a great day, and was able to even fit in a birthday cake for my husband and father in law. 

The Stahnke Girls!

So both Andrew and his cousin looked so cute when it was time to leave, that we decided to get a picture.  Getting them both to coperate was another story.  Every picture was cute regardless!

Kissing Cousins!

Andrew helping me make his daddy's birthday cake!

Christmas 2010

So I'm a little behind on posting stuff about Christmas.  I have been extremely busy this week.  I spent two days, helping a friend of mine design a website.  She still has a little work to do on it, but I did everything I could on my end.  She has a massage office, and I went over a month ago to take some pictures of her massaging, and of her place.  The pictures turned out awesome, but without the proper website, I didn't think it would do them justice.  Well then after helping my friend, I decided to put forth the effort to help my husbands painting business by designing a fresher looking website.   He still has some finishing touches to add, and I still need to roll over his domain name, but I used a blogger template to design it, so therefore it will not cost us a dime to have it.  It's amazing what you can do these days.  So I have spent the last 3 days, taking pictures for my husband's site, editing old pictures we already had, and designing each and every page, along with all the links.  So without further delay, here is my pictures from Christmas, and what a wonderful day it was.

We always make sure before we open presents that we tell our children about the real reason we celebrate Christmas!  This year we read from a book that had the scripture in it, but pictures so Andrew could start understanding.  We all took turns reading, and Andrew loved it!

Then we got the nativity out, and told Andrew more about baby Jesus.

Andrew gets this firetruck that he has been talking about for over a month.  I can't remember what he remembers.

The new vest I got! 

We even got Josh, Alisha's boyfriend a gift!

Alisha with a bunch of accesories on that we got her.

Alisha gives Andrew a hug for the gift he gave her.

Alisha and Megan doing the walkway with all their new fashion accesories!

Andrew helps me open a gift!

Well of course I needed to get Andrew his own camera.

The girls big gift this year was a Wii.  I loved their reaction!

Andrew loves to say peace out, so altogether we said peace out, and Josh grabbed the picture!

Playing the Wii!

Christmas at my parents house!

Andrew helping great grandma open a gift!

Andrew's favorite gift this year came from his aunt and uncle.  A drum set.  I think we have a drummer in the family!