Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend and Other Summer Fun!

Andrew is growing up so quick. He is walking more and more every day! That is exciting but now he just wants down when I need to sometimes hold him. He is also learning to communicate through signs. That is a blessing, because he is falling behind with the verbal skills which makes it hard for him to communicate anything. Because he has the gap in his pallet, and his verbal is falling behind, they are already wanting to do speech therapy. We have another appointment with the cranial facial team in June, so we should know more on what they are wanting to do with the situation then. Meanwhile, Andrew is loving the warm weather, and we are introducing new and exciting things to him everyday.

Andrew and I enjoyed a trip out to Kim's house for fun at the rec center and back to her house for the boys naps!

It took forever to get these pictures of Andrew and Matthew because one of the boys were always falling into the water!

We discovered how much Andrew loves the sand box. I think he would sit there for an hour straight and dig in it if we let him!

We couldn't wait to take Andrew to our families favorite place, Hinckley Park! Cain and I went there for our first date, and also Cain proposed to me there. We love to eat by the lake, and then we always love to go hike at whipps ledges! We got this carrier for Andrew, and it was the first time we tried it and he loved it!

For Memorial Day we went to my nephews birthday party. The theme was pirates, and all the kids got to dress up like a pirate! What Fun!

Now that is a lot of pirates! Where is the ship?

Andrew was so tired from his first 80 degree day, on Memorial Day that he fell asleep eating in his high chair at 7pm. I took him out and put him to bed and he didn't even move! What a day

I finally got a trailer for my bike, so Andrew can ride with me, and then the tube in my bike's tire was popped, when I finally dug my bike out! So I decided to ride Megan's new bike, with the girls to the park, and then when we got there, Megan's tire on her old bike blew a huge hole in it. That bike was needing to be thrown away anyways, but we were miles from home, and minus a bike for Megan. That made for a tough situation to get back home. Luckily one of Alisha's friends lived right by the park and she drove Alisha home and she got the van and came back for me, Andrew, and Megan! That was much more then I bargained for. Andrew also didn't like the trailer a whole lot at first, but I think like everything else he will get use to it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Dedication and Other Fun Events!

We got the opportunity to dedicate Andrew at our baby dedication at our church on Sunday, May 18th. For those who are not familiar with baby dedication, it means that we are making a commitment to God that we are going to raise our child to know Him, and to hopefully have a personal relationship with Him one day (of course that will be a personal decision for Andrew to except Christ as his Savior to guarantee a place in heaven one day). This is one of the reasons we wanted to bring Andrew into our family. What an opportunity to raise this little guy to know God, when most likely in his country he would never gotten that chance. We decided to dress Andrew in traditional Kyrgyz clothes. We wanted people to understand more about Andrew's birth country, and the culture there. Everyone did crack up when we were in front of the church and Andrew decided to growl. He just couldn't hold it back! It is his most favorite sound.

Our Pastor presents us with a gift for Andrew.

We all went out to eat to help make this day more rememorable!

Andrew's Kyrgyz buddy, Matthew turned two, and we got to help him celebrate his big day!

Andrew and Matthew have fun in Matthew's new wagon!

Andrew's new favorite thing to do is play with his truck and push it around! What a boy!

Andrew and Daddy are chilling on the porch!

My Uncle Ray and Anne from Colorado came to Ohio for a visit, and got to meet Andrew!

I get to be an aunt again! Andrew, you are no longer the smallest one!

Now that is texting till you drop! Alisha has been so tired from track practice!

Jeremy, Andrew and I all showed up matching to my dad's birthday get together! We had to take a picture.

Such kissable cheeks!

Now that is a lot of grandkids!