Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Megan's 14th Birthday!

So this was Megan's actual birthday!  I decided to let her open our gifts from us, and I grabbed a pumpkin roll at the store for her.  She kept telling me how she wanted a pumpkin roll, so she was so happy!  In the picture above I got her a bling, bling cell phone cover!  Megan was so excited!

Then mid November, my work slowed down enough where I could have the family over for a party for Megan.  I thought I would try something new, and make some gourmet cupcakes.  I thought it would be easier then decorating a cake, but it ends up that I spent more time on the cupcakes then if I would of just  decorated a cake.  I said this may be the last time I make these cupcakes, but WOW were they good!

Grandpa giving Megan some advice!

You can't tell but I found these glow in the dark balloons and other fun things for the kids to play with in the dark.  We sent the kids to the basement and turned out the light, but the flash on my camera lit up the room.  There was a lot of screaming, and only one injury, but the kids had a blast and it was a great way for them to get rid of energy in the house!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Megan's 14th Birthday Party - Hollywood Movie Premier Night

So coming up with a cool idea for a birthday party for a 14 year old is not an easy task!  So after lots of thinking I threw out the idea of a Hollywood Movie Premier Night to Megan and she loved it.  It gave her friends an excuse to dress up and do their hair and makeup!  Then when each one of them came in, they got to walk down are red carpet, and they got their picture taken with Megan, and then by them self.  Then when all the girls were there we had some fun and did some group shots.  Of course we kept the movie theme going by popping pop corn, having nachos, pop, and of course candy.  I also fed the girls some pizza before we started the movie "Monte Carlo", which they all loved!  I also had these little key chains that were in the cupcakes, that had a place for a picture in it, so I printed off some small pictures off of my printer, and each girl had a keepsake of the fun event!  All in all Megan had a great time, and created some great memories with her friends.  I was happy I was able to pull this off for Megan, since I was around 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time of doing it.  I certainly didn't look glamorous like these girls, so sorry no pictures of me that day!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 months down (32 weeks), and 8 weeks to go!

So I just ended my 7th month, and I'm starting my 8th month of being pregnant.  I have to admit each day this pregnancy thing keeps getting harder.  I just can't imagine how I'm going to handle the next 8 weeks, but I don't think I have a choice.  I finally finished working, and that is helping with not being on my feet for hours at a time, but when I am on my feet for awhile, I am swelling like crazy!  My feet are getting larger every day, and I even had to purchase some new shoes because none of my others are fitting right now.  I'm also running out of clothes to fit.  Don't ask me while maternity clothes are even maternity clothes if they stop fitting you before you have the baby!  I'm down to a few shirts, and a few pants, and I don't even have a coat that fits but I only have 8 more weeks so I will make the best of it.

When I was 30 weeks pregnant I had quite the scare with my heart.  I was shopping for my girl's birthday one day at the mall and when I got back into the car, my heart started racing.  I looked down and it looked like my heart was pounding out of my chest.  I have had heart palpations before with my low blood sugar, but I haven't experience such a thing for about 10 years.  I wasn't sure what was happening, and suddenly I found it hard to even breathe.  I felt like the smartest thing to do was to just sit in my car, and I called Cain to let him know what was happening.  Meanwhile, 10 min. or so went by and my heart wasn't slowing down, so Cain and I decided I should call my midwife.  So I called my midwife to have her call me back, then I called Alisha because I knew she was in the area, but she didn't answer so I left her a message to call me.  Meanwhile my midwife called me back, and she told me to not worry, that the heart palpations should go away soon, and to just stay calm.  Then she told me to head to the hospital if it didn't stop within 45 min.  Then I looked up and Alisha was knocking on my door.  She called me when I was on the phone with my midwife, so Alisha called Cain, and he told her where I was.  It was the craziest thing, because Alisha was literally at the mall the same time I was!  So Alisha sat in the car with me, and we waited it out.  My heart still was not slowing down, so I called Cain back, and told him to leave work to come get me to take me to the hospital.  By the time we got to the hospital my heart was racing for 1 hr and 45 min.  When I got to the ER, there was a since of urgency since I was 30 weeks pregnant.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed after there was about 7 or 8 people working on me at the same time.  It felt like I was in an episode of ER!  Suddenly the tears started rolling down my face, and I was scared to death for my daughter!  They finally got an IV in me, so they could start some drugs to make my heart get back into rhythm.  At this point my heart rate was spiking to 180!  Then before they could give me the medication, the Dr. looked at me and said do you feel that?  I said feel what?  He said your heart got it's own rhythm back on it's own.  He seemed puzzled and confused on how this happened since at this point my heart was racing for 2 hrs.  I know it was God, and that is all I need to know!  So at this point everyone was scared to release me without knowing what caused this episode.  So after 2 days of testing, and visits from Dr.'s they finally released me from the hospital with the finding that my potassium was low, and that with being pregnant through my heart rate out of whack!  So since then, I have been tested here and there, and have been on potassium supplements to keep things level.  I'm so thankful that my daughter is okay!  God is great!

So this is a picture that I have wanted from day one when I found out I was pregnant.  I had it printed and it is in the baby's room!  I love it!!!!  I have learned to embrace being pregnant this time around.  Some how, even though I feel large, I have found the beauty in being pregnant!  This is a way for me to have a keepsake for my daughter for always!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

So this year for Halloween, Andrew went trick or treating with Cain, and Megan stayed home and handed out candy with me.  I was dressed as a pregnant women, so not much needed to go into that costume!  We always get so many kids, so we just sit on our porch and hand out candy!  Next year our little girl will get to go with Andrew!  I'm not sure who will sit home next year handing out the candy!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Birthday - Part II

 So I decided that for my birthday after our pictures I wanted to make it a fun day.  So we headed over to Mapleside Farms where they had all kinds of new things for the kids to do.  We let Andrew and Megan jump on the giant jumping thing, and then Andrew played on the other fun things they had.  Then we got some pumpkins and I picked out a pie to be my birthday cake.  I figured no one would bake me one, and I definitely wasn't going to bake my own cake, so why not a pie?  Anyways, we then headed to go out to eat, and then we headed back home to carve the pumpkins.  I had the most perfect birthday, and I'm so glad I got to spend it will all of my kids, and husband!

My Birthday Apple Pie!

So the girls ended this great day with a wrestling match.  It's funny because Megan is getting as tall and big as Alisha, and it seems to be more and more of a challenge when they do this now!  I think Alisha still needs to prove that she is stronger this her sister!  For now she is, but at some point that could change!

The finished product!  I think we all did a great job!!!!