Monday, September 12, 2011

Five and a Half Months Pregnant

So I'm really trying hard to document as much as I can of this pregnancy.  I still look at this pregnancy as a miracle, and an opportunity that I thought I would never have again, so I want to remember as much as I can about it.  So I'm almost 25 weeks so I kind of missed that 5 month picture, but better late then never.  I have to say my baby bump has grown into a baby hump!  I can't believe how big I am now!  I've been struggling with gaining weight and growing so big, since it has been 13 years since I've experienced this.  I guess I need to suck it up, and embrace it for all I can.  I will have the rest of my life after this baby to loose the weight, but for now I need to focus on giving the baby what it needs.

So here are some more details about my 20 week ultrasound.  Everything did check out perfect for the baby.  The baby literally measured exactly to my due date in size, and there were no abnormalities.  We also were beyond excited to find out we were having a girl.  I was so excited, because it has been awhile since I have had a baby girl in the house.  I have to say shopping for girl clothes is way more fun then shopping for boys clothes.  I've also had a blast working on the baby's room.  I've decided to leave the colors in the bedroom the way that they are.  We have a teal blue color and brown, and I found the perfect crib set to match.  It's on the crib in the picture above.  I also have lots of pretty little girl things to put all over the room, but I just haven't gotten to finishing anything quite yet.  

So I'm still having the nausea every day.  I don't throw up, but I still take my medication so I can stomach the thought of eating.  I'm also struggling with the heartburn and indigestion, so I feel like I'm constantly downing a pill for that as well.  I have also had my fibromyalgia acting up big time in my legs at night.  I was waking up in so much pain that I couldn't even fall back to sleep.  I tried a few different things, and then suddenly I just asked Cain if he could rub my legs one night before bed to relax them.  Needless to say that did the trick and the pain has pretty much gone away, except if he slacks off and doesn't rub a certain part of my leg enough.  I feel bad, but I think Cain will have to do this every night till I have the baby.  Wait a minute, I shouldn't feel bad.  I am carrying this baby everywhere right?  The least he can do is rub my legs!  

I am ready to have this baby out of me, but I do have about 15 more weeks left, so I  better suck it up a bit.  I have to say though, having a baby in your thirties is nothing like having a baby in your twenties.  I'm so glad that this will be the last pregnancy.  I don't know how women would ever do this in their forties?

We are getting pretty excited, and we just can't wait to meet our little girl!  She is also moving and kicking all the time now, which makes it just so much more real that were having a baby.  We are also now in the process of choosing a name, but Cain and I just can't make a decision in that matter.  When we do decide we are not going to tell anyone but our girls, and when the baby comes it will leave a little surprise for everyone.   

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day!

So we always try to head to our favorite park at least once a year, so I don't think we made it there until Labor Day.  Better late then never!   So we picked up some KFC and ate at our favorite picnic table by the lake!

My little tree huggers!

My 3 kids!  or at least for now!!!!

So this is Megan carrying Alisha!  I can't believe how Megan has caught up to her sister!

So Cain heard about these carvings in the woods that a path would take us to.  So we found the path and we started walking looking for these carvings in the rock.  I have to say that we should of researched this a little more before doing this, because we walked about a mile down hill, and the path suddenly ended.  Then Cain looked at the map, and we realized that we had to turn around and walk back up the 1 mile hill to get back to our car.  Meanwhile, we never found the carvings.  Me being 5/1/2 months pregnant, I wasn't to happy.  I was so tired, and then it started raining on us.  Cain meanwhile wanted to trot through the woods to keep looking for the carvings.  I told him I had enough and headed to the car by myself.  Good thing I didn't go into labor with walking up the hill!!!!  Cain never did find the carvings, and since then he keeps talking about going back there.  I told him not until the baby comes!

What's wrong with us?