Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alexandra's first days at home!

I'm so happy that Cain could stay home from work for at least a week after we got home.  It has been nice having someone around to deal with Andrew and helping with the housework.  So far Alexa has been a great sleeper!  She sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours, and then she wakes up to eat, and goes back down for another 2-4 hours.  I'm actually getting more sleep now then when I was pregnant with her.  How could I ask for more!  Alexandra also seems to have an easy going temperament.  She does get a little fussy in the evening, but we work real hard to keep her up a few hours before bed time so she will sleep at night.  In the morning when she is awake, she just sits there and looks around!  What an amazing little girl I have!  I just lover her to death!!!!  

Daddy holding his girl!

Megan's friend Caryn was about as excited about the baby as Megan!  She couldn't wait to come over and hold her!  She didn't even get her coat off before she got her in her arms!  I did have to crack up when Caryn looked at me and said "you seem so much happier now".  I told her "I was because Alexa is out of me now, and I don't feel sick anymore".

Then another one of Megan's friends got to come over to visit!

Alexa's goes to her first Dr.'s appointment!