Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is here!

 Spring is here, and I'm so excited to do anything outside!!!!  We went to the park on Sunday, and then me and Andrew went to a different park on Monday and walked around.  Here is some of our spring fun!

Oh ya!  I forgot to mention me little Andrew had to get glasses.  The pediatrician thought that he may of had a lazy eye, and after observing my son doing strange things with his eyes, I decided to take him in to have his eyes checked.  Come to find out, my poor little baby has horrible eye sight!  I felt so bad!  At least we know now, and my little guy will have nothing holding him back now!

Andrew is learning soccer!

So we signed Andrew up for a little soccer class.  He won't play games, but is learning skills.  This kids has been dribbling the soccer ball with his feet since last year, when he turned 3.  So he is taking this class with one of his friends, that happens to be a girl.  There to cute together!  It was really muddy on this day, so notice how clean Andrew is at the beginning and how muddy he was by the time we left.  I had to strip the poor boys pants off to go home.  He was covered in mud!

It was also fun watching Andrew and how he responds to instructions from adults.  I have to admit that I have never seen my son so well behaved.  I have everyone from Sunday  School Teachers at church to his teachers at school tell me how well behaved my son is.  I always think everyone is lying to me, because I know what a handful my little guy can be for me at home.  Anyways, it was great to see my son at his best, and I guess I'm teaching something right to him if he knows how to behave with other people.  

Andrew's Birthday Game Video!

This is a video that I made to go along with a game that I played at Andrew's party.  I stole the idea from my friend's party last year.  I thought it was a great way to capture my son at age 4.  We had a blast making this together and Andrew turned out to be quite the little actor!

Andrew Turns Four!

So my baby turned 4!  Wow where has the time gone!  This year we had a party for Andrew on his actual birthday because it landed on a Saturday.  When I told Andrew back in January that he was having a birthday in a few months, he immediately started planning his party.  The kid is obsessed with any kind of rescue vehicle, and he can't seem to learn enough about any of them.  Well, then he told me he wanted me to make him a cake with burning buildings on it, a firetruck, a police car, and an ambulance.  My mind was spinning, on how I was going to pull off this cake, because at the end of the day I'm not a baker.  Well I decided to look for a few things on line for his birthday party, and I came across this set that I could buy that included the building, fireman, trees, and the firetruck.  Luckily, I already had a police car and an ambulance the same size to add to it.  So Andrew, got his cake, and I was happy that I fulfilled his request.  

Andrew had a lot of his little friends over, and I'm bummed that I never got a picture of him with all of them.  There is just never enough of me to go around at parties.  At least I got the pictures we did!

I look forward to what is ahead with Andrew.  He seems so grown up for 4.  I feel like he could start kindergarten this next year, but he has another year of preschool.  I hope you had a great birthday Andrew!  I love you to the moon (Andrew's says this to me all the time)!!!!!

So I came up with a little craft for the kids.  I had them decorate these little metal buckets with whatever they wanted, and then they used the buckets to collect their candy from the pinata.  These buckets were so cute because later they could use it to store something in, or they could plant a flower in them.  

I was so excited this year, because this is the first year Andrew could blow out his own candles.  The poor little guy couldn't blow air out of his mouth until he had his surgery in August on his cleft palate.

Megan spent about 8 hours putting this together the day after his party.  He has loved playing with it!

My sweet little niece from one of my sister in laws, with my other sister in law, that is pregnant and due any day now.  Yeah, I'm going to be an aunt again real soon!