Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland

So I have personally had enough of the snow in Ohio, but you don't truly know when it is over until about May.  So we got to see all of the snow melt, and meanwhile I saw this great spot down the street from me that would make a great picture, but it wasn't nice when the snow melted.  So I told myself if we got just one more snowfall, I was going to take the kids and grab some winter pictures.

So one night we got about 8-10 inches dumped on us, and the snow was very wet, and it stuck to every branch of every tree, so I knew I had to take advantage because this snow could be gone in one day.  So when Megan got home from school I told her to hop in the car we were going to go for a quick photo shoot!  My kids by now have learned to not ask many questions, and the quicker they cooperate, the sooner it will be over.  So here are the images we captured in about 10 min. or less.  Poor Andrew kept touching the snow with his bare hands, and lets just say that he finally felt the cold, and the crying started!  So that was the end to our winter wonderland.  By the next day all the snow was gone!  I'm glad I grabbed these when I could.  In fact, I loved some of these so much, I'm ordering them for one of my walls.