Monday, March 29, 2010

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Party!

So our little Andrew is turning 3 this Friday, and we had his party this last weekend.  He is really into race cars, and his hot wheels, so I thought it would be a perfect theme for his party.  When I decided to do a race car theme, I remembered this cake that I saw a long time ago in a magazine when my girls were little.  I told myself that one day, if I ever had a boy, I was going to do that cake, and well I actually got to make it!  I love making my kids cakes for their birthdays, and it has been fun doing boy themed cakes.  We got the cars for the cake a week before making the cake, and Andrew kept holding them in the package.  He was so excited.   Then the day that I made his cake, he was so excited that he could hardly nap.  I promised him after his nap he could put the cars on the cake, and he woak up only after 40 min. of sleeping yelling, "I want to put my cars on my cake".  After 5 min. of this, I figured he wasn't going back to sleep.  I'll have to more careful what I promise him before nap, because it just may cause him to not sleep to well.

So keeping with the car theme, we had are own little race.  The objective, to have the car that goes the farthest.

Megan was so frustrated because she was sure she had tested the cars enough ahead of time, to pick the car that was going to go the farthest, and then when the time came, it just didn't go as far as the others.   Sorry Megan, cheaters never win!!!

Then it was time to eat!!!! 

Now it was time for a little craft!  The boys got to put the sticker decals on their own car to take home, and I had other cute little things for the girls to do.

Pinata Time!  This was Andrew's favorite part of the whole party!

So after every kid hit it and then the older kids hit it again, and no sign that it was going to end any time soon, Cain took the pleasure to smash the car up!

Finally cake time! 

I was so excited this year, becasue this is the first year Andrew was physically able to blow out his candles.  With his submucous cleft it has kept him from being able to blow air out of his mouth, instead the air goes out his nose.  So over time we built up the muscles in his mouth and just a few months ago, he was able for the first time to blow bubbles! 

So after much effort, I gave my little Andrew some help blowing out his candles.  He had no idea though!

Andrew finally got to open his presents!

Wow what a great birthday party!  I can't wait for another special day with our little Andrew on his real birthday on Friday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is Almost Here!

Finally the weather is getting nicer, and winter seems to be behind us and spring in front of us.  We got some 70 degree days last week, and then right back to 40 degrees today.  Oh well, it will only keep getting better.

Here is Andrew mowing the snow!  To funny!

So it turns out that my little Andrew, is a soccer player.  In the fall,the last I saw Andrew play soccer, he would just kick the ball real far and then run after it.  Well I decided to get the soccer ball out a few days ago while enjoying our nice days, and right away he started running and dribbling with the ball.  I couldn't believe it.  We have played soccer in the house a little this winter, but I'm not sure where he developed his soccer skills.  I can't wait to keep playing soccer with Andrew.

So of course Andrew had to take a moment to also throw snow at me.  He thinks it is hillarious to do that, and every time we are around it now, he feels the need to throw it at me now.

Andrew got to go visit his best friend Matthew the other day.  It was a warm day so we decided to take the kids to the park.  These two had a blast!!!!

Andrew's little friend Matthew is a big brother now.  Here are some pictures of his little brother that I grabbed while Matthew and Andrew were taking their nap.

My little niece's first birthday party!