Sunday, November 30, 2014

My last blog!

So I have come to terms, that my days of writing in this blog are over.  I find it funny that the last time I have written in this blog, was when I had my daughter.  Alexa is almost 3 years old, and my life has been nothing but busy since she has come into my life.  My photography business has been also crazy busy, and for 2015 I'm starting to set some limits for myself, in hopes of making my life a bit more manageable.  Since I have blogged last, my daughter Alisha, who is now 23, got married, Megan is 17 and driving, and only has one and a half years of high school left.  I also can't believe how much Alexa has changed.  She is very smart, and I can't believe the things she already knows.  She started walking and talking very young.  I really don't think school will be a problem when she starts.  It has been fun watching her grow.

Then there is a my little Andrew, who has grown into a very handsome, sweet, happy, and amazing little boy.  He is also so smart.  I love to hear him read, and he just excels at school!  I still feel very blessed to be his mommy.  He also has such a tender, sweet little heart, and I know God has some big plans for him.  I've also been so pleased with his health lately.  We had a rocky time about 2 years ago, with some adenoid tissue that grew back, and was causing breathing issues while he was sleeping.  So after, a 4 day stay in the ICU, 3 sleep studies, one surgery, and many, many Dr.'s appointments later, he was cleared from his bi-pap machine and the oxygen.  We have also made huge progress with Andrew's asthma.  This little guy struggled for years and it seemed like we were always doing breathing treatments.  Also about 2 years ago, we decided to take a more natural approach with his asthma, and I couldn't be happier.  We are using a nasal wash daily to clean all the allergens out of his nose.  When Andrew gets sick, he does it 3 times a day.  Typically he can knock out a cold in a few days, and then he is back to normal.  He also doesn't sick but one or two times a year.  This truly was an answer to my prayers with this little guy, because he just struggled so much with his asthma.

Andrew is 7 1/2 now, and I can't believe we are going on 7 years that he has been with our family.  I can't imagine a day without him, and I'm also happy God gave him a little sister to grow up with.  The two of them are just so amazing together.  They of course fight like nothing I have ever seen, but then at the same time they are each others very best friend.  When one of them are not around the other one ask about them constantly.  It's just adorable!

I feel so blessed in my life.  I never imagined the course my life would take with adoption, and then having 4 kids 20 years apart in age, however I wouldn't trade any of it.

Andrew, I wanted to also write you a small note.  I started this blog when we started our adoption journey, to keep everyone up on what was going on with bringing you into our family.  However, I had no idea how amazing it would be for you to read about our journey we had bringing you into our family, and then everything that came after that.  Your an amazing little boy, and your story is also amazing.  Don't forget that God has protected you from day one, and He loves you very much.  Keep God first in your life, and I promise you that you will fill fulfilled.  I love you always and forever!

Love your Mom!

Here are a few last photos!

 Alexa Newborn Photo

Alexa - 6 months

Alisha's Wedding Day

Family Photo 2012

Megan driving!

Gotcha Day Celebration - 6 years 

Andrew turns 7!  Carnival Party! 

Me and my little man, who isn't so little anymore! 

Andrew and Dad! 

 Vacation 2014

 Big 2nd Grader!

 Family Photo 2014

My Handsome Little Man!