Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Beautiful Graduate!

So the time has finally come, and my baby girl graduated from high school.  I packed tissues in my purse that morning expecting myself to cry, but for some reason the whole ceremony just wasn't that personal, and it really didn't hit my like I thought it would.  I think I have accepted awhile ago that my baby is all grown up, and my tears were already shed for the new chapter and new relationship with my daughter that is to come.  I look forward to seeing all the things my daughter does with her life.  She is already a wonderful young women who is very caring, loving and always has a smile and hug for everyone.  I'm so proud of the young women she has become, and I know there are only good things for her in her future.  Now I prepare for my other daughter to start junior high this year, and I start the whole process again.  I personally think I'm having a tougher time with Megan and junior high then Alisha with college!  Regardless, of all the changes in our home, I am one proud mommy of all my kids.  God has blessed with 3 unique, and wonderful children, and I love them all so very much!  Here are some pictures of our wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is Here and Memorial Day!

So we have been having some really warm weather around here, and well that means the pools must come out.   I'm shocked how much time Megan will spend with Andrew playing in even his littlest swimming pool.  I rarely need to ask Megan to spend time with Andrew, she just loves to do it all on her own, and its a good thing because Andrew absolutely adores his sister.

So on Memorial day we started the day off helping our church doing a parade.  Here are some pictures I got.  We were really hot that morning!  It was in the 80's before 11am.  We all couldn't remember ever sweating so much.

You go dad!!!!

Alisha I'm afraid the wagon is for Andrew!

Doesn't Cain just look so thrilled!

Then off to my brother's house for a birthday party for my nephew.  We got to enjoy my brother's newest toy for the kids!  Check out Andrew above driving by himself!

Then after the birthday party we went to see Shrek!  It was to funny!  Then we grabbed so dinner, and off to Alisha's boyfriends pool at his development!    

Nice face Cain!

Alisha's boyfriend and his brother kept launching the girls in the air!

And it is never an evening at the pool without a little chicken fight!  Megan actually took Alisha down twice before Alisha got her down!  Megan was on top of the world thinking she beat her sister at something!

But in light of all our fun, we do remember what this day is about, and we do thank everyone for the time they have served, and the ones who are right now!  Our country would not be what it is without them!