Friday, June 1, 2007

The Adoption Process

We have decided to start this blog to allow us to capture some of the journey of adoption so we can share it one day with our child we adopt. Many have asked us "why adopt"? Well to answer that question, we knew we wanted a family of three from the first time we discussed our family. We were so blessed with two girls, but in our hearts we knew we had love for one more child. After our second child we needed to take some time to get into a bigger house that would accommodate three children, and our ultimate goal was for myself to be home with our children, and for me to not work outside the home. Once we reached those goals we finally began trying to have another child, however God had a different plan for us. After being told we couldn't have any more children we knew that adoption was what God had for us. We started the paper work just a few months later and and we are anxiously awaiting for our referral!

I'm not sure what is worse giving birth to a baby or getting all the paper work together for an adoption. It took us from December 2006 until May 2007 to get the paper work together and mailed off. We made it a family weekend event when we went to Columbus to get everything authenticated at the Secretary of State's Office. We had a great time with our girls in Columbus, and we created some memories to tell the baby one day. I'm sure he will be worth all the paper work that we did.

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