Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Room Is Done

The room is done and ready for our baby. We choose the theme of planes for his room because we felt it was so fitting. Planes symbolizes the journey we will need to make to bring home this baby from his country, but also it symbolizes the new journey we are making in our lives with this new addition to our family. I think I personally had a little to much fun decorating it.

I searched for the perfect toy box, but I couldn't fine one I liked anywhere. So I bought a white one, and painted it the colors of the room. I then put chalkboard paint on the front of it. I've caught my girls a few times in their drawing on it. Here is a picture that Alisha drew for her baby brother!! It says, Alisha is the Coolest Sis!! Megan of course disagreed with her!

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