Friday, May 2, 2008

Medical Update

Andrew has been growing and learning so much everyday. He had a Doctors appointment yesterday, and the Pediatrician (which specializes in adoptions) couldn't believe her eyes, when she measured and started charting Andrew's numbers on his growth chart. In fact, she measured him again, to make sure that it was correct. Then when the Dr.'s assistant saw the chart she screamed of excitement (literally)! I don't think they have ever seen a child fill in the gap so quickly before. When we first charted Andrew's weight, head circumference, and length, he wasn't even on the growth chart. It has been growing equally in all 3 areas at every appointment thus far, which is what you need them to do, or that would signal another problem. Andrew is equal in all 3 areas again and for the first time he is now on the growth chart. The jump on the chart is huge! We thank God every day for helping him grow! The Dr. assured me that Andrew wasn't fat, but very healthy. She wants me to continue everything I'm doing until we get the blood work results back. Andrew had a few areas on his blood work when we came home from Kyrgyzstan that was low, one being his iron level. We are praying that him growing is a sign that everything else is working itself out. We do still need to be concerned of his speech. That is the only area that he seems to be falling behind in. We do have a follow up appointment in July with the cranial facial team at Akron Children's. When we were there for the first appointment they confirmed that he has a gap in the back of his pallet, which can cause him difficulty talking. We are getting him the help he needs for his speech, and we are hoping that he will be babbling before no time. One day I'm sure we will be asking him to just be quiet. Andrew also did a first at the Dr.'s office. When they were checking him for his development he decided to take his first 5 steps in a row. Before that we have only seen one step and he would wipe out. What a show off we tell him! We still have a few more appointment lined up to check some other things, but thus far God has prevailed in every step we have taken with Andrew, and to us He gets all the glory!

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Madame said...

So thrilled for all of you! We will continue to pray with you about Andrew's speaking. WALKING!!! Yippee!