Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Water Fun and Father's Day!

Andrew is learning more sign's everyday. It is fun to be able to communicate with him. We are having such a fun summer so far, with many more fun things to come. Alisha has been playing volleyball in a summer league with her team from school. She is playing with varsity and is doing a great job. Andrew has been doing pretty good sitting in his stroller and behaving. He has many more volley ball games to come, over the next two years, so I will need him to be good. I hope his good behavior continues. Andrew has been enjoying having his sisters home more. The girls are both so good with him, and it makes Cain and I so happy to see our children enjoy one another. Andrew has become our entertainment at times, and he knows how to make us all laugh. Andrew has a great personality, and I think he loves to see people smile. In fact, Andrew love people so much, that the psychologist is a little worried about that. He doesn't have fear of strangers at all! The hard part is that Andrew attracts people all the time. I can't go anywhere without people making comments about how cute he is. Then Andrew gets excited when other people get excited, so then these strangers start talking more to Andrew. Were trying to teach him that not everyone is his friend, but that is hard to teach at a young age. Andrew has also attracted a few weirdos. One of these weirdos was following us through the grocery store one day, and I had to get out of there quick, meanwhile Andrew just smiles and points at people! We are happy though, that we have a friendly baby that seems to love life!

Our happy little Andrew!

Andrew loves his little pool! Megan has one of her own, but she ends up in Andrew's most of the time playing with him!

We discovered this splash park by our house that is free! I love free things and the great thing was that Megan and Andrew seemed to have fun!

We had a great father's day at the park! We had both our dad's with us and tons of food and fun!

Andrew's hair has gotten quite thick and crazy! I get the most compliments on his hair. I think he has more then Cain already!

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