Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day!

So we always try to head to our favorite park at least once a year, so I don't think we made it there until Labor Day.  Better late then never!   So we picked up some KFC and ate at our favorite picnic table by the lake!

My little tree huggers!

My 3 kids!  or at least for now!!!!

So this is Megan carrying Alisha!  I can't believe how Megan has caught up to her sister!

So Cain heard about these carvings in the woods that a path would take us to.  So we found the path and we started walking looking for these carvings in the rock.  I have to say that we should of researched this a little more before doing this, because we walked about a mile down hill, and the path suddenly ended.  Then Cain looked at the map, and we realized that we had to turn around and walk back up the 1 mile hill to get back to our car.  Meanwhile, we never found the carvings.  Me being 5/1/2 months pregnant, I wasn't to happy.  I was so tired, and then it started raining on us.  Cain meanwhile wanted to trot through the woods to keep looking for the carvings.  I told him I had enough and headed to the car by myself.  Good thing I didn't go into labor with walking up the hill!!!!  Cain never did find the carvings, and since then he keeps talking about going back there.  I told him not until the baby comes!

What's wrong with us?

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