Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sick Is No Fun!

It has been a very tough week here at the Stahnke's household. It started off with Alisha being sick on Tuesday, and I took her to the Dr. and they said she had an upper respiratory infection. Then by Tuesday night I started feeling sick and unfortunately, no matter what I get it turns into bronchitis. So of course that is what happened. Then I took Andrew for his immunizations on Wednesday and they said he would be a little miserable for awhile. That was the understatement of the week. He was miserable for 3 days. Alisha is finally feeling better, and I'm at the tail end of this bronchitis, and Andrew is himself now, but today I stayed home with Megan from church because she isn't feeling to good. I hope this all ends soon!
On a good note, Andrew is getting stronger everyday. He has been pulling himself up when he can reach something. He has also been keeping his balance standing for a few seconds. It's crazy to think that when we got him he could barely hold his legs up, and he couldn't even sit up on his own. He is going to have to get taller before he starts walking or that is going to look very unusual. Andrew has still been sleeping good since we started playing music for him all night. I think he would scare himself awake from the quiet. I'm sure it was very noisy in the orphanage at night, so he is use to some kind of noise while sleeping.

Last Sunday we finally celebrated Cain's birthday (which was December 30th) and his brothers and his parents came over. Here is a picture of Tyson, Ryan and Ryan's girlfriend Sarah visiting with Andrew.

We had our friend's Kim and Tim and their son Matthew over for a visit. We met Kim and Tim through our adoption agency and they also adopted Matthew from Kyrgyzstan. It is of God that we met Kim and Tim when we did because I responded to a message of Kim's on a web board from our agency. She mentioned she lived in north east Ohio, which was interesting since our agency is out of North Carolina. We got to know each other through emails and shortly after that first message on the web board that I saw of Kim's, our agency shut down the web board. Tim and Kim only live 40 minutes away and we visit one another often. We have been waiting exactly a year to let our boys play together, and here is of their first moments together.

Kim and Tim came over on an eventful night. Alisha's boyfriend was having his homecoming and Kim and I both worked on Alisha's hair. Here is the end results.

Andrew with his beautiful sister!!!

Andrew, what a big boy you are!!!!

Andrew standing on his own. Just press on the arrow to see!

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Madame said...

Hadn't read this for a while. Andrew looks like he is growing and maturing BEAUTIFULLY! So glad for all of you!!

Have a great week.