Friday, February 22, 2008

Lots of Dr.'s Appointments!

It has been almost two weeks since I have blogged, and all I can say is WOW our we busy! Andrew has been doing very well. He has gotten in two teeth in the last two weeks, and he hasn't been to miserable about that! Andrew has had quite a few Dr. appointments this week. First we went to the psychologist with the whole family on Wednesday night. She specializes in adoptions so she knew exactly what things to cover in our one hour appointment. It sounds like Andrew is adjusting better then the parents!!!! Anyways, that will all just take a little time. Then on Thursday we had an appointment with a lady who specializes in development. She said that Andrew seems to be right on target with all his little skills and development. She actually seemed quite surprised of all the things Andrew could do for his size. She had no concerns at all! Then after that appointment, we met with the pediatrician who also specializes in adoptions. She is also quite amazed of how well Andrew is doing. Andrew is up to 16.9 lbs. and he is growing evenly on the charts with all his measurements and weight. She said he is little for his age, but he is growing like he should. We do have an echo for his heart scheduled for Monday, because he was diagnosed with a VSD in Kyrgyzstan. We also have another specialist checking out Andrew's pallet in April. There is something that doesn't look right to the pediatrician, so she wants that checked out. We also had a hearing test performed after the other Dr.'s appointments but by then Andrew was ready to sleep and he simply decided to start ignoring the lady in the middle of the test and he put his fingers in his mouth and wanted his nap. They are going to have to redo that test, but up to that point he was doing very well responding for the hearing test. We also have to get Andrew's vision checked soon. They say that children coming from an orphanage have a much higher chance of having issues with hearing and their vision. Every day God reminds me in some kind of way of how lucky we are to have Andrew in our life. He is such a blessing and to just see him smile and thrive so much makes me so happy!

Sometimes this is the only way we can get Andrew's diaper changed. He likes to be on the move!

Andrew got to go to sissy's valentine's party at school. I think he won over a few hearts that day!!!

Andrew loves when Alisha sings to him, which is quite often!

Andrew loved going to all of Megan's basketball games that she cheered for. He would watch the boys run up and down the court, and sometimes he would watch all the pretty girls cheer!

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