Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Anniversary Gift To Cain!

I got this great idea to come up with a collection of pictures of the last 13 years and put it on a slideshow for my husband for our anniversary, which was last week. What I didn't quite know was how big of a task this was going to be. I first had to go through all my negatives that I had before the days of digital, and then I had to pick through the ones I wanted. Trying to do that alone with Cain around the house sometimes was a challenge. Then I had to find the cheapiest route to get the negatives transferred to CD's so I could save them onto the computer. Lets just say it isn't cheap to do that, so I had to be picky on what pictures I had copied. Then I spent many, many hours putting the pictures in order, since I didn't have the years marked in any way, shape, or form. In fact I realized that a lot of my negatives are missing, and the others are starting to get spots on them, so eventually I want all my negatives transferred to CD's but that will take time to do. Then I finally got to the point of saving my video and it wouldn't let me save it because it was so long. I mean how do you turn 13 years into just a few minutes? I know I couldn't, so I made it as long as I needed, but to save it, it is in three separate parts. It may be to long for people to watch, but it is fun to see how we got to the point in our life we are at now. We have had many fun times over the years, and also some tough times, but together with God we have managed to be together 13 years later, and that I am very proud of. Happy Anniversary Cain!

Through The Years Part 1

Through The Years Part 2

Through The Years Part 3

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