Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Escape!

We have been having the busiest summer ever! Andrew has had many Dr. appointments, and after next Friday, I will give a full report. I still have some unanswered questions that I will hopefully get answered. We have been also having lots of fun in the midst of the craziness.

The kids were enjoying the pool while soaking up the sun!

Alisha met a new friend last week. I have been going to a Bible Study every week that one of my good friends started, and I had all the ladies to my house last week. One of the ladies has a daughter Alisha's age and they hit it off. This other girl was singing at a church the same week and Alisha sang with her for 30 minutes. Alisha got a chance to sing some of her own songs she wrote and they both did a wonderful job.

Cain surprised me for our anniversary on where we were going. He took me to Pier W which is voted the best view in Cleveland! We got a table right by the windows which over looked the lake. We got to see two storms go by! It was awesome!

We took the kids to Kalahari (which is a resort with the largest indoor water park) for the weekend. The things to do at Kalahari was endless, and all five of us found things to do. It was the best weekend getaway, and we will be sure to take the kids there many more times! We managed to get a suite for the same price that a regular room was. It was great to have some space. In fact when we got our suite the girls were so excited of how nice it was that they started jumping on the couch. Below is a picture of it. We took some crazy pictures. I think some of the people at Kalahari thought our family was crazy. I just was thankful for some wonderful bonding time with our family of 5!

After we left Kalahari we took the kids to an African Safari. You drive through and the animals come right up to the car. Andrew was terrified and the girls even screamed a few times when the animals came up behind and snuck their heads in the vehicle. Check out the video below!

This is Andrew's I'm afraid of animals face!

We then took the kids to see the lighthouse in Marblehead!

Andrew was so good the entire trip. He was so tired though by the end of day two!

Sweet Dreams Baby Boy!

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