Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Andrew vs. Winter

So we are going a little stir crazy here at the Stahnke house.  Or at least Andrew and I are going a little stir crazy!  So here is some pictures of what a day in Andrew's life in the middle of winter is like.  We do everything we can to get rid of energy!

Of course we have to go out and play in the snow! 

Nothing is more fun then throwing snow at mom with her camera!

Then its time to build a snow man, or at least a giant snow ball!

Why there were birds flying around was very puzzling to Andrew!

Of course Andrew loves spending time watching TV.  I have to limit what he watches these days or he would literally watch it all day long!  It is a nice break when I just need him to sit and be quiet so I can get some work done.

A trip to McDonalds to get rid of energy is in order at times.  Andrew has a ton of fun when Megan is with us.

Andrew loves this horse that I got for my photography.  He makes me bring it upstairs for him to ride sometimes.  He names him Neigh!!!

Andrew loves his new camera he got for Christmas.  He is always wearing down the batteries.  Maybe he is a photographer in the making.

Of course Andrew loves to act out everything I do, so he has down the grocery shopping quite well.

Andrew is even willing to play with dolls, if it means Megan will play with him.

Andrew will also work out with daddy.  My boy is going to be big and strong soon!

Other activities that we have been doing in the house but haven't been documented through pictures.
T-ball in the house with bases - Anything to get Andrew to run around and get rid of energy!
Nerf Basketball hanging from the window - Andrew loves this!  He misses most of them but he is getting quite a throw!
Nerf Soccer - We don't have goals yet, but maybe soon!  He will kick it around anyways!
My house is turning into a gym!!!!!

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Becca said...

oh my goodness he is so so cute! :-) I love his red hat!