Friday, April 15, 2011

Andrew is learning soccer!

So we signed Andrew up for a little soccer class.  He won't play games, but is learning skills.  This kids has been dribbling the soccer ball with his feet since last year, when he turned 3.  So he is taking this class with one of his friends, that happens to be a girl.  There to cute together!  It was really muddy on this day, so notice how clean Andrew is at the beginning and how muddy he was by the time we left.  I had to strip the poor boys pants off to go home.  He was covered in mud!

It was also fun watching Andrew and how he responds to instructions from adults.  I have to admit that I have never seen my son so well behaved.  I have everyone from Sunday  School Teachers at church to his teachers at school tell me how well behaved my son is.  I always think everyone is lying to me, because I know what a handful my little guy can be for me at home.  Anyways, it was great to see my son at his best, and I guess I'm teaching something right to him if he knows how to behave with other people.  

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