Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some Winter Fun!

Andrew had an echo done for his heart this week. The hole is only 2 millimeters (which is considered very small), and the Dr. said we shouldn't be concerned about it at all, unless Andrew isn't gaining weight and growing. He definitely hasn't had that problem since we got him. Andrew also got to experience going out and enjoying the snow this week, and he didn't really seem to like it. In fact he hates the cold, which seems unusual since he came from a country that is colder then Ohio. We just think he was never taken outside before at the orphanage. When we had him outside for the first time in Kyrgyzstan, he closed his eyes real tight and it took awhile before he got use to it. He also still gasp for air when we take him in the cold.

I love playing piano with Megan!

I love pulling up to everything and playing! I'm getting quicker everyday and mom almost can't catch me sometimes!!!

I'm not sure why mom spent 15 minutes bundeling me up, and then she put me in all this white cold stuff! I don't get the point of it, but Megan seems to enjoy it!

I did enjoy however, when mommy pulled me and sissy around on the sled!

I had so much fun playing with all these pretty girls in the pool!

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