Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That!

There's not much to post about from the Stahnke household. Everyone has been healthy. The girls have finally had a full week of school, and Andrew and I have been staying busy getting projects done around the house.

Andrew and I have been enjoying watching Megan cheering for basketball. My nephew is on the team, so it is almost a family gathering every home game. Here is a picture with me, Andrew and my mom.

Megan worked real hard on her valentine bag and cards this last weekend!

Andrew kept busy coloring while his sister worked on her valentine stuff!

It looks great Megan!

We finally had some warmer weather today. It got up to the 60's, so Andrew and I were sure to get out and enjoy it. This was Andrew's first walk of the year that we took. I took a picture of his first walk last year to, and I can't believe how big he has gotten.

No! No! Andrew! You got to sit down! This is all I have been saying lately. Andrew is a climber!

Yeah! It is so warm out here!

Enjoy Andrew! Tomorrow it is going to be in the 30's again! Yuck!


drewmark19 said...

Hasn't our weather been crazy? I'm just so happy to get a break from all this snow. My boys love the it, but the cold is not for me!

Christine said...

Wow-- what fancy Valentines! Congrats on your little boy. We have adopted too so I know how near and dear he is to your heart and to your family's.