Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Fever!

Well I have had enough of the cold and enough of the snow. So I decided to put some new spring colors on my blog, and maybe that might make me feel better. Poor Andrew has been so stir crazy being stuck in the house all day. Infact, he has been getting into some serious trouble, or maybe he is just being a boy and it is catching up with me. So four days ago, Andrew decided to get into my plant and spread the dirt everywhere (he also did this for Cain last week). Then three days ago, he decided to throw Cain's electric razor in the garbage. It took until the next morning for Cain to realize that it was missing. I then remembered he got it out and was pretending to shave. We have a garbage can right beside where Cain's razor goes under the bathroom sink. Needless to say it made it all the way out to the garbage can in the garage. Yuck!! Luckily we realized it before Cain took the garbage to the road that night. Then two days ago, he got into the kitchen garbage and he got coffee grounds out and also decided to spread that everywhere. Then on the same day he decided to play in the cat litter and spread that all over the basement floor. Then he has been climbing up on everything. Yesterday he decided to climb up the front of the high chair, and to get up in there, he was literally standing on the tray of it to climb in. I'm also not sure if I have mentioned that some time ago Andrew threw his toothbrush into the toilet not once but twice. I'm personally tired of buying new toothbrushes. Your probably wondering where I am while he is doing all this stuff. I'm right there but he is just to quick. I feel like I spend most of my days chasing him and getting him out of trouble. I'm just looking forward to him being able to run around in the yard and hopefully that will help cut down on so much energy in the house. So I had a little photo shoot with Andrew to get a few cute pictures of him in his room playing. I have Andrew's post placement report due soon, and I always try to include a picture of him playing in his room. So I have included a few of the pictures I got.

Here is the book I made Andrew and sent to the orphanage before we got him. I'm still so glad we were able to get it back when we were there getting him. He still loves to look at it all most everyday. He loves the voice activated button in it of all of us talking to him.

So as soon as I was done with my little photo shoot, I told Andrew it was time for his bath, and before I could catch up with him, he was getting in the tub with his clothes on.

Alright, that is more like it Andrew!


drewmark19 said...

All I can say is boys are just so different from girls. Even before they were born, my boys were way more active than my girl. They do the craziest things too. I hope for your sake that the weather gets nicer. :) Any time that is spent outdoors is time well spent for boys. I love your photo shoot, and that was a great idea making a photo book. Very neat! I know my kids like to look at scrapbooks I make of them.

Corinne said...

Oh My! The things I can look forward to.(NOT!) He looks too cute to get into any trouble though.The picture book is a fabulous idea! I only wish I could sew.Maybe I can buy one like it.Love it! Thanks for the great idea.

Maria said...

Ahhh... the life of boys. :-) Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. They just have so much energy. But, the fact that he's SO cute has to buy him some leniency, eh? I just want to squeeze him up! We think we are coming to visit the family March 7-10 so hopefully we can get together!

Hilary Marquis said...

I love the new look of the blog! His cheeks are absolutely the BEST! Can you just fedex him to me for a while?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and keeping us in your thoughts. I will send you an invite to the blog after it goes private. I would love your support on our new journey! =)
The Kyrgyz kids will always have a special place in my heart so I definitely want to still check in on them and watch them grow.
Oh yea, I can't even count how many things we have found in the trash cans. Last week, Matt found Landons' pajama bottoms in there!! =) BOYS!! Love em