Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little of this and a little of that!

Fun in the pool!

So Alisha and her boyfriend decided they were going to do the cooking one night. It was a nice break! They made chicken fettucine alfredo. Yum Yum!

I was so excited to take Andrew to the fair this year. Unfortunately we got a crummy day to go. It wouldn't stop raining but we stayed long enough for him to see all the farm animals. He knew every single animal we saw from all our reading in books, but it didn't mean he wanted to go to close to them.

So our friends came for the weekend and Cain and Dan just passed out on the couch. I guess not going to work tires them out!

Andrew is always wanting to be just like his daddy!
This was a visit to my Grandmas. Andrew sat with her in the chair and when he realized she had some nail filers, he started giving her a manacure. Maybe this is a sign he will pamper me also.

Andrew just loves his little power wheels truck. He thinks it is just like dad's truck. Here is a picture of him working on his truck. We give him a few real toos, and he really thinks he is doing something. He cracks me up! He is all boy!

So we met an old friend of mine at the splash park near my house. Andrew and Megan had a great time with my friends kids. They were so much fun to watch!

This is the first time Andrew has ever let either of our cats sit in his lap. I was so glad I was able to get to my camera in time, because it only lasted a few seconds. One day he will overcome this fear of animals.

The kids always enjoy stopping for a smoothie at Smoothie King!!!!

Here is an evening at the park, and I'm proud to say and also embarrassed to say that when Andrew and Megan hung from the monkey bars at the same time, Andrew was able to hold on longer. His strength always amazes us.

So here are some fun pictures we had with bubbles. The girls were trying to pop them with their noses. So that made for some funny faces. Andrew just loved to run through them. Infact he got that little horse he is riding in the last picture on that same day, and he couldn't get enough of it, so he rode it through the bubbles.

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Rachel said...

Alex has the same swim shirt Andrew does...he actually asked if that was him in one of the pictures! He is such a cutie (and does look a lot like Alex - who's birthmom is Uzbek - at that age...minus the light hair!