Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School!

So my girls had their fist week of school. Alisha started on Monday, and she is my big college girl even though she is still just a senior in high school. She is doing post secondary, and after this year she will have two years of college completed. I am so proud of her. She is very responsible and I never have to ask her about anything with school. I some days feel like she already graduated from high school. Then there is my little Andrew who wishes he was going to school. Below is a picture of him getting his book bag on, with his pajamas still on. Some days I wished he could go to school, and other days, I am no where close to send my last little one off to the big scary world. Then my Megan started school on Wedn. I have to be honest, I was the most nervous about her. Megan has always gone to private school her entire life, and this year we made the switch over to public school. The poor dear only new a handful of people that was at her school, none of which were in her class. I also was worried about her going back to school because Megan and Andrew have become particular close over the summer. The two of them are attached to the hip. I knew it was going to be tough for Andrew when his sister got on the bus, but he was having the melt down before the Megan even got on the bus. It is good to see how happy he gets when she comes home. Andrew, actually has been playing better by himself since Megan started back to school. I think he realized real quick that she wasn't around to entertain me. All in all, I am so glad to be back into a routine, and oh ya, Megan is making friends and seems to be adjusting. It is just hard for parents when there kids have to going through something a little scary. We had a great week at the Stahnke house, and I look forward to a great school year!

No Andrew, it isn't your first day of school.  Mom has a few years yet!
I got to go in that big scary world!
Megan's new shoes!
Andrew giving his sister a good bye kiss.  He still didn't know what was coming at this point!
Megan walks with her brother and her neighbor friend!


drewmark19 said...

Aw! I've just discovered this year how hard it really is to see your child go off on a bus with people you don't even know. I love the pictures of Megan. She looks so pretty and confident. So which teachers did she get?

The Lehrs said...

Wow! Megan got a new haircut and new classes ... looks more teen than tween! I'm so glad to hear that the first three days went well for her! Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!

The Lehrs said...

And in case that didn't sound positive enough ... I LOVE the new hair and glasses - really cute!! :)