Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Fun In the Leaves!!!!

We have been having such nice weather the last few days, so I figured we better get outside and enjoy the leaves.  The only problem with the kids jumping in leaves, is that we built our house 6 years ago, and our trees are still not big enough to shed enough leaves to make that much of a pile, plus our trees haven't shed their leaves yet, so we grabbed our rakes and we headed up to the park.  The kids had fun raking a pile of leaves, and they had even more fun jumping in them and throwing them.  The only setback we had was Megan found a snake in some of the leaves she raked.  I then raked the snake pretty far from us, but we were hoping the thing wouldn't slither back to where we were on the ground.  Andrew is getting old enough now, that he seems to understand more of the seasonal things that we do.  I'm looking forward to all the fun things to come.


Drew said...

Love these! #13 & 17 are my favorites. Now I need to get my kids out and get some leaf pictures! :)

Kami and Scott said...

Hi Kim,
I haven't looked at your blog in a while and thought I should check in. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! It was great to see pictures of Andrew- so cute! Love to you this fall season.