Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Events and Megan's Birthday!

So I have been so behind on my blogging.  I love to keep up on the events in our home by blogging about them, but I have been very busy with my photography.  I have had quite a few customers in the month of Oct. and that comes before my personal blog, so now that I have a breather, I'll try to catch up on my blog.  The month of Oct. brings many things in our house.  We have 3 birthday's in about a week, and with Halloween and other fun things that leads up to it, it makes for some great memories. 

First of course we had to head to the pumpkin patch to get out pumpkins.

Then a week ago we celebrated Megan's Birthday by going to our families favorite restaurant, Buca Di Peppo.  My little girl is 12 now.  We are having a party for her and Alisha tomorrow.  I'll try to post about that soon. 

My three wonderful children!

Then of course you have to carve the pumpkins!  Alisha's boyfriend Josh joined us for the fun two nights ago.  My poor husband has been working a lot and he was giving an estimate this evening, so he missed out on helping Megan this year, but she did her's all on her own.  I think they all turned out great.

I loved the kids costumes this year.  Megan wanted to be an Asian Princess.  We made her hair black, and put a lot of make up on her.  She was beautiful.  Andrew was our little karate kid.  He had a few moves as well.  Infact my husband said on the last house he took the kids too, Andrew demonstrated some of his karate moves, and they were so impressed that they gave Andrew the biggest handful of candy.

What a great Karate move Andrew!!!

So we got a few pictures at our house, and then off to my parents house for dinner and some pictures!

Here's a picture of my little niece.  She was adorable!

And off to trick or treat!  Andrew had so much fun!  He kept saying more every time we got a piece of candy.  My husband kept asking him if he was cold, and he was say no.  Then he would ask him if he was tired, and he would say no.  The kid went for 2 hours straight!!!! 

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