Monday, November 2, 2009

Alisha and Megan's Birthday Celebration!

So lately I have become a little obsessed with the Cake Boss on TLC.  I'm so fascinated with how they can make such amazing cakes, but the one thing that all the cakes on there have in comman is that they use fondant on the cake to decorate it.  So since I always make my kids birthday cakes, I thought I would try something new this year, and put fondant on it for the icing.  I have to say that it was quite a process to make the fondant, but it was a ton of fun.  So since I'm also obsessed with photography, I have a few pictures below of my cake.  I knew once the party started for my girls I would forget to take a picture.  So I'm glad I did it the day before.  Then I came up with an idea for the party.  I had some fondant left over, and it stays fresh in the refrigerator, so I kept it and I let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with the fondant.  I have to say though that the fondant became quite yucky after they were playing with it for awhile, so I don't think anyone actually ate the fondant at that point, but they had fun doing it anyways. 

Fun with the Fondant!

Josh acting like the fondant is pizza dough!

Finally Time to Sing and Eat the Cake!

Laney you look great in the cake!

Kelee your to cute!

Gift time!

Alisha got her ski jacket she was needing!!!!

And Megan got her Mario Kart for her DS that she needed!

Baby is getting tired, so it must be time to call it a night!

What a great day! 

For the girls Birthday this year, we redecorated Megan's room, and Alisha got a new bed with new bedding for it. I'll have post pictures of both another time. 


The Lehrs said...

It's amazing how little we were able to talk about during your visit today... The cake you made was BEAUTIFUL! (I've become somewhat addicted to cake boss too ... been watching a bit more tv than ever while I feed Nathan.) Kim, your talents know no limit, I think! :)

Maria said...

I've always wanted to try fondant but have been too scared to. You took that little creative bug you have and put it to work again and the results are, as expected, stunning!! I love it!!

Corinne said...

Wow! That cake was beautiful!! Fondont can be very tricky to work with.You are really talented!I have yet to have my cakes so perfect.