Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Vacation!

So this vacation this year wasn't easy for me!  I was 21 weeks pregnant, and unfortunately the nausea for me never ended.  However, for my family I did the best I could to suck it up and enjoy the time we had together.  We went to Ocean City, Maryland, and I have to say the temperatures every day were perfect. It was warm enough to enjoy the beach but there wasn't high humidities where we were all miserable.  This is the first time we went to Ocean City, and it reminded me quite a bit of Myrtle Beach, but not as crazy with people everywhere!  We found plenty to do, and we created some great memories that we needed because it may be awhile after the baby comes before we go on a long road trip.

The waves at Ocean City were quite crazy.  I never seen waves so powerful at any of the beaches we've been to, like they were there.  I never felt comfortable going into the water, but at one point I sat down on the sand letting the waves hit my feet, and before I knew it, I had tons of sand down my bathing suit, so I decided to go into the water to rinse off, and I didn't get into the water very far, and then this huge wave was coming towards me.  I decided to jump over the wave, but the wave had other ideas.  It literally picked me up and threw me on my back, taking my bathing suit bottom off with it.  I grabbed my bottoms as fast as I could and stayed in the water till I could get them back on.  Then I was just scared out of my mind that I hurt the baby!  I felt some pains in my stomach, so I just laid down for an hour or more, and I finally felt her move!  I was so relieved, and never again was I going in that water!  Later that day we had someone tell us that there were a few people in the last week that broke their necks in the water.  After we got home from vacation about a week later a hurricane came across the coast we were at.  I think that explained the power behind the waves!!!!!  I'm just so thankful none of us got really hurt during our vacation!  

Walking the board walk is part of the experience of Ocean City, but definitely there were to many people everywhere!!!

These 2 pieces of art was made out of sand along the board walk for everyone to see!  I thought it was so cool!!!!

We finally found some palm trees!

So we checked out this crazy restaurant called Dead Freddies!  We got there and there was a 2 hour wait and that was at 5pm.  Then they said we could eat outside at no wait at all, so we took it.  They placed us right by the play area that had a pirate ship.  Andrew loved playing so much we couldn't even get him to eat!  

Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum!

Pool Time!

So Andrew made a new friend at the beach.  It was some older guy, and he showed Andrew how to dig and find some sand crabs.  It became Andrew's new favorite thing to do!  Personally, they creeped me out!

So we decided to take Andrew on a pirate boat ride.  We did this one year at Virginia Beach, and Megan loved it.  I do have to say though that this pirate ride wasn't any where as good as the one in Virginia Beach.  I personally wouldn't pay money again for it, but Andrew didn't know any different and he had a blast!

So off to ride go karts and rides!!!!  Unfortunately being pregnant I couldn't enjoy any of this, but I did have fun watching the kids have fun!

View from our condo!

I love my boy!!!

My sand castle, that I let everyone help me make!

So on the way home we decided to stop by Georgetown Cupcakes which is known as DC Cupcakes.  Megan and I love watching this show and we couldn't wait to visit!!!!  It was a great way to end our trip on the way home!  So we got the cupcakes and then walked over to Chipotle to eat lunch!  I have to admit these were the most amazing cupcakes ever!!!!  It could be because I'm pregnant, but they were awesome!!!!

Pictures on the beach!  Of course the photographer in me, will not let a vacation go by without getting a few nice pictures.  Everyone has learned to just suck it up and let me do my thing.  It was great because suddenly a man came out of no where and asked if he could take a picture of all of us together.  The picture turned out perfect, and the guy just walked away.  We still don't know where he came from!  It was so nice!

All in all we had a great time!  I needed this time to relax and just enjoy life.  Cain and I have been working so hard this year getting ready for the baby, and we haven't even taken the time we needed for each other.  Sometimes my favorite part of a trip is all the talking we get to do in the car!  We definitely caught up with each other, and we were refreshed and ready to tackle life again.

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