Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Most Unforgettable Christmas Day!

So this christmas started off like all others.  We had a yummy breakfast!

Then we had some family pictures in front of the tree, even though Andrew wasn't cooperating!

Of course we got a crazy picture!  We wouldn't be ourselves unless we did this.

Then we read about the true meaning of Christmas!

Then it was gift time!  Megan loves her boots!

I got some new sweat pants.  One of the only things I could fit in!

We started a new thing last year.  We all give up some of our Christmas money and we choose where to donate our money from this catalog!  Andrew choose a sheep for a family!  He was so excited about this!!!

Andrew gets a pirate outfit!

Alisha gets a record player that can transfer songs to her computer!

Megan gets a curling iron that she has been wanting for a long time!

She couldn't wait to try it out!

Andrew gets a giant pirate ship!

Finally a new sled!  It has been long over due!

So after gift opening, my parents came over to eat lunch with us.  I made a ham, baked potatoes, and a green bean casserole.  My mom brought a salad, and we had a pie for dessert!  So all day I wasn't feeling a 100% but honestly when was the last time I did, so I grinned and bared it!  My water was still trickling some through the day, but they sent me home the night before from the hospital, saying I wasn't in labor, so I didn't think much of this.  I also was having braxton hicks that were getting strong, but once again, I was having these for weeks, so I didn't think much of them.  However, when we sat down for lunch, I told my mom I just wasn't feeling good.  I decided to start keeping track of my pains, and I literally went from 10 min to 3 min. between my braxton hicks contractions in about an hour.  My mom suddenly looked at me and said "how long was it between those contractions".  I told her 3 min.  Then my mom said you better call the Dr. right now!  I then yelled for Cain in the next room, and he said I would have to wait because my dad was telling a story.  I said no, I think your going to have to wait, I think I'm in labor and I'm calling the Dr!  So I called the Dr., and she said to go in, we then did the quickest pick up in my house ever!  We had food out, and toys out from Christmas that had to be put away, and then we got the car packed, and we were on our way!  My parents followed us to the hospital with Andrew, and Megan went with us! 

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