Sunday, December 11, 2011

Andrew's School Christmas Party!

So Cain and I both got to attend Andrew's party at school!  It was fun watching Andrew have some much fun!  

Notice Andrew's new glasses.  I finally had to get him some new glasses that would fit his face correctly.  They were a lot of money, but so worth it.  He has had no problems with them since he got them.  I'm hoping to not have to go to the eye Dr. weekly for adjustments any more!  I couldn't of done this sooner with his sister on her way!

So the teacher gave the kids some open play time, and I told Cain to go over and snap some pictures.  Then Cain came back to where I was sitting and he told me that Andrew was pretending to be Santa, and he was having the girls sit on his lap and he would ask them what they wanted for Christmas!  WOW!!!!  This kid is to young to start thinking of such things!  To funny!  I just had to laugh!!!!

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