Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas with my family!

So every year we get a family picture, and my mom puts it in an ornament frame for the christmas tree.  This year we went to my Grandma's nursing home, and my mom reserved a room for us to have a meal with my grandma!  So we searched out the building, and found this pretty tree in the chapel to take our picture.  I did my best to hide my belly in this picture.  I am only 7 days from my due date at this point, and I'm feeling quite huge!

Me and my Grandma!  Doesn't she look beautiful!

Andrew is always the first one to run up to my Grandma to give her a hug and a kiss!  He has such a sweet spirit to him!  

Grandma watching all the great grand kids playing.  

Then we headed back to my parents for some gifts and dessert!  Here is a picture of all the grandkids!  next year there will be one more!!!!

This was my favorite gift of the year!  My mom worked so hard on this quilt for the baby!  We went to the store together to pick out everything, but I didn't get to see it finished till now!  I couldn't wait to put it in her room!

I made a book for my parents using all the pictures from their anniversary photo shoot that I did!  My mom truly was surprised!

Megan and her bling, bling!

I left my parents that night, Dec. 23rd  with some pretty strong braxton hick contractions, but of course when I got home and went to bed they went away.  My mom was certain I was going to go into labor  that night but I didn't.  Then the next day which was Christmas Eve my water started to trickle some!  I called the Dr. and they had me go to the hospital.  We missed the Christmas Eve service at church that night to go to the hospital for them to send me back home in an hour.  At least we fit in going out to eat before we went to the hospital!  Not a fun way to spend the day!  At this point I was very frustrated because I just wanted this baby out!  I was tired of having braxton hicks all the time!

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