Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gifts for Turat!

We sent off a care package for our son. I have been working on a cloth book for Turat. I wanted to send him something that had pictures of us, so he could be familiar with our faces. I also wanted to put our voices on something, so he could also be familiar with our voices. So I put inside the book under a family picture a voice activated button that can be pushed and me, Cain, and our girls all said Hi to Turat on it. Below is some of the pictures in the book. It may be all we ever have left of the book. Were not sure if we will ever see the book again. Our agency warned us that anything that gets sent to the orphanages may not be there when we get to Kyrgyzstan. We also sent some throw away cameras, that I'm hoping they will take pictures of Turat for us over the next month. We also sent him some clothes, toys and a Christmas present, since we wont be there for Christmas. I'm quite curious as to what will happen to everything. I put some instructions in Russian so hopefully that will help. We will see!!


Madame said...

What a beautiful FAMILY!

Wally and Alice

Mary Dressler said...

The book is so nice! Everytime I read your blog it brings me great joy! You have a beautiful family and so does Turat! Can't wait to meet him! Love, Mary Dressler