Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Court Hearing!

Finally the day of our court hearing arrived. We were nervous about our court hearing since some of our paper work expired ( even though they said it would be excepted because it was submitted to the courts before it expired). Kyrgyzstan is 10 hours ahead of us so we spent yesterday evening praying with our kids before bed, since the court hearing would technically be happening while we were sleeping. We had to leave it in God's hands because only he could be there in court. Our agency has an office in Kyrgyzstan and there was someone from their agency that represented us in court and acted as power of attorney in our places. I finally heard word from our case worker this afternoon that everything went great and everything went through without any problems. That was like music to my ears!!! There is a 30 day waiting period until everything is legally on paper, and then we can fly to get him. We are waiting for our travel dates, which they are thinking will be sometime in the beginning of January. We should know that later in the week. I did get new measurements of Turat. He is almost up to 11 and a half pounds. He is so tiny! Cain is already planning out his food when he gets home.


Madame said...

Praise God! We are so thrilled for you, and so eager to meet your new addition.

Alice and Wally

(sorry about the "madame," my school title)

Mary Dressler said...

Cain will teach Turat well, and no dought will he grow into a healthy and stong young man! Mary Dressler