Friday, November 9, 2007

More Good News!

Last night I got home after spending a whole day with Megan, having girls day out, because she didn't have any school, and I found another email from my caseworker. I always get so nervous opening them up, because so much of what she tells us affects our lives. Anyways, there has been some sort of Holiday in Kyrgyzstan, and the courts have been closed for three days, so still no word on our court date. She is hoping to know that next Monday. However, she did tell me that she found out that our paper work should be good in court even though it is expiring this week. I guess since they submitted it to the court before it expired they are going to accept it. They had to look into this because this is the first time this has happened to any of the families that are adopting in Kyrgyzstan. We are so relieved that we will not have to go through the 5 step process again to get this paper work redone. We are one step closer to bringing home our Turat! We just need that court date now!!

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The Lehrs said...

Hip-hip hooray for no repeat paperwork!! PTL!!