Monday, March 10, 2008

Andrew is Eleven Months Old Now!

Andrew has been becoming more secure every day. He has actually been playing on his own, and will crawl away from me some. He is pulling up on everything, and I have to keep a close eye on him or he gets hurt. He will actually let go of things and stand for awhile, but he doesn't seem to understand how to try to take steps yet. He also has been saying Ma Ma which is so cute, and he so badly wants to say other things but he doesn't seem to get it out like he wants. Andrew brings so much joy to our home. We are always laughing at some thing that he is doing. He loves to be the center of attention, which blows my mind because at the orphanage they said Andrew is a loner and likes to be alone.

Andrew has been growling since we picked him up from the orphanage. When we took him to the Dr. last time, he growled from the minute we got there until we left. The Dr. said she would like to see more syllables and less growling. The first time he said Ma Ma after that he growled it. He sometimes sounds like a little gremlin. He is now learning to say sounds with out growling effects.

Andrew has had an unique way of eating since we got him. He always sticks his little fingers in his mouth between every bite. I tried to get him to stop doing that when we first got him, but it wasn't worth the battle. He puts those fingers in his mouth no matter what. It does make for a mess, but we feel he learned to do that to passive himself at the orphanage when he had to wait for his next bite. They would line 4 babies up at a time to feed them. He can be the most laid back eater, which doesn't help in the morning when we are already running late to get Megan to school.

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