Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Only in Ohio can you take a walk on one day when it is 60 degrees, and then have an ice storm the next day.

Andrew had fun at Megan's Sports Banquet because all the cheerleaders made over him.

My friend Mary and her daughter Emily come to visit Andrew.

Andrews two little teeth!

Uncle Ryan comes to visit Andrew!

Andrew enjoys watching Megan do gymnastics!

This picture puts in perspective of how small Andrew still is! This is his favorite place to be when I'm working at my desk.

Megan taught Andrew how to climb the steps. Time to get those baby gates out!

I took Andrew to get his first hair cut by my friend April. Andrew's hair has grown a lot since his buzz cut they gave him at the orphanage in December.

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Madame said...

He is so much fun to watch! We love his happy smile! What a blessing for all of you - especially him!