Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Time Fun!

We had a great first Easter with Andrew. We turned it into two days of fun, starting with Easter at my parents on Saturday, and then Easter with Cain's family on Sunday. Andrew was quite confused of some of the things we were doing, but he did enjoy eating the sugar easter cookies we made on Friday. He loves his sugar!
I make a cute winnie the pooh!

I turned the kitchen utensils into drums and played while mommy and my sisters made the sugar cookies!

I want more sugar cookies mommy! Two wasn't enough!

Me and Megan played dress up in her room, and I don't think mom and dad were two happy with our choices!

Daddy helped me decorate my first Easter egg!

Me and my big sis Alisha!

Me and my great grandma!

I have learned how to give kisses now!

Our Easter baskets!

I got to be in the family Easter picture this year!

Fun lazing around at Grandpa and Grandma Stahnke's house with Uncle Tyson and Megan!

Normal Family Picture!

Not so normal family picture!

Daddy has me in training to work with him!

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Madame said...

Looks like a super content family. What a blessing this special Easter!