Monday, August 11, 2008

Hawking Hills Getaway!

We decided this summer to take mini trips instead of taking a week vacation. We felt it would be easier on Andrew to not drive so far, and we all seem to like one another much more after leaving for just a few days, instead of a week. We took the girls a few weeks ago to Hawking Hills, and I encourage anyone who lives in Ohio to take a trip there. There is six or more park to see. There is caves, cliffs, waterfalls, and so much of God's beauty everywhere. The girls were impressed, and it isn't to often that they are impressed by a park. There is also endless cabins you can rent out there. We had a great two bedroom cabin, with a hot tub, and a pool within walking distance. It was so peaceful to just get away from the craziness for awhile. Andrew did great with the 3 hour drive each way, and he seemed to enjoy all the hiking. Of course he got to ride on the back of all of us. I added a ton of pictures from this trip because I want everyone to see the beauty!

Cain says this video reminds him of a scary movie, and your waiting for someone to jump out and scare you. I just think it is a cute video of big sister Alisha having fun making Andrew laugh while we were hiking.

Are we all done Daddy? I had so much fun!

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