Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zoo Fun!

I finally got a chance to take Andrew to the zoo for the first time. Me and my friend Mary took the kids and we had a great time. Andrew has been scared of animals since we have been home, so I think taking him to the zoo as often as I can, can only help. Andrew will absolutely scream if a dog or a cat is around him. He isn't even comfortable with our own cats yet. Hopefully he will overcome this fear soon!

Me and Andrew looking at the Swans!

Megan, Elaina, and Emily!

Me and my girl!

Me and my guy!

Andrew and Megan looking at the Tiger!

Me and my good friend Mary!

Andrew always runs to the door when I tell him Daddy is home! He always greets Cain with a big hug and lots of kisses! He is our little love bug!

Andrew was trying to find a new way to get over the gate! He is to smart for his own good!

What? Andrew, is pushing Megan? What are we feeding this kid?

Also check out Andrew's new hair cut. He had a lot of hair!

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