Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Zoo Fun!

We got a zoo pass which is good until next July. We will get to take Andrew many more times to get use to the animals. This time we all got to go as a family this last Sunday. Andrew is still scared if the animals come to close to the glass, so we kept our distance. However, last week Andrew went to touch my friends dog at her house, all on his own. He has never come close to touching an animal on his own free will. Keep it up Andrew! We didn't get to stay at the zoo as long as we wanted because we got rained out, and by the time we got back to our vehicle we were soaked, but as I told my girls we never remember the perfect days as a family, so it will make for a good discussion later on. I'm just thankful for any day we all get to spend together as a family. Alisha is growing up and soon she will be gone even more. She is doing post secondary this next year, which is taking college courses at a University and getting credit towards high school and college at the same time. She is hoping by the time she graduates from high school, she will have two full time years of college done. I'm so proud of her for all her achievements, but I know I will miss her, as college I'm sure will be taking up more of her time.

Andrew loved to be able to walk with us. He is so little to be walking but yet such a big boy! I'm sad that he is already growing up.

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