Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visits with a few friends!

As busy as we were this summer, I was sure to take some to time to get together with some of my friends. A few weeks ago me and the girls went for two days to visit my friend Ginger and her family in Columbus. We had a great time! We went to Easton to shop (Alisha loved that). We also took some time to go to the pool (we all enjoyed that)! Then Megan, Andrew, and I visited with my friend Kim and her son Matthew at their house last week. The boys had so much fun running around in the backyard. I wander when they will both realize that they are from the same country, and that they will always have a common bond. I love that they have each other!

Now the girls are back in school again and I can't believe it is just Andrew and I around the house all day! I'm sad, but I love having some kind of schedule. I'm still hoping to have some summer fun on Labor Day weekend. I keep telling Andrew, that he will get to have his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with us, so I am looking forward to the changes in seasons. I'm sure that I will change my opion on that once January hits, and we see nothing but snow!

Our fun day shopping at Easton in Columbus with Ginger and her girls!
Fun day at Kim and Matthew's house!

Andrew loves having his own car to drive!

Megan couldn't believe how lite Matthew was. He weighs about the same as Andrew and he is a year older!

Kim and I with our Kyrgyz boys!

Megan and the boys!

The boys were not to happy that we made them share the slide for a picture!

Some good old water fun!

The boys having fun in the sprinkler!

Andrew has been doing so good with his signs. He knows over 10 of them now, and of course his favorites are eat, more, and please! Here is a video of him doing some of them. He has also been saying some words! He loves to say Hi, Ma Ma, and his newest words just this week is Bye Bye, and Da Da! He is jibber jabbering all the time now, and I haven't heard that since we have brought him home in January. It is like music to my ears! I hope we are over this hurdle of talking that he has had, and there are many more new words to come. I think the things that the speach therapist has taught me to do with Andrew has been helping!

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Maria said...

Oh my goodness I LOVED the video of Andrew and his signing!!! He is adorable. I'm so glad to read that he is making such good progress!!