Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Blessing From Above!

Some of you may know, but others may not, so I will share this blessing anyways. My brother has been in the ministry for years. He has served as a youth pastor for awhile in Ohio, then he moved to Georgia to help with a youth ministry of around 500 kids. Then my brother felt called to bring his wife and child back to Ohio, and he wanted to complete his masters degree, and eventually start a church. My brother came to me and my husband last winter and shared his vision. He wanted to start a church in Macedonia, Ohio, and was going to need as many people to help as possible. We prayed about it and felt that we needed to be there to help get this new church started. We spent a lot of time over the summer with events in the community to get the word out. The church participated in hanging many door hangers on doors in the community, we did 3 parades over the summer, and we also handed out free glow bracelets with info on the church at some different fireworks. In August we had a movie in the park night (The Bee Movie) that the rec center in the area helped sponsor, and we got around 700 people to come to that. Chick Fillet donated 1,000 chicken sandwiches for the movie event. Then we had a back to school festival in mid August and we got 350 people to come to that, and only 25% of the people went to the movie night, so we had a lot of new faces to that. Well I have shared all that to say that my brother has prayed for 200 people for his kick off Sunday which was this last week. When the counting was done, by God's funny since of humor we had exactly 200 people who came to his first service. My brother is renting out the auditorium and a few class rooms in the high school in Macedonia, and below is the picture of the auditorium which is absolutely beautiful and seats up to 750 people. Please pray that God will continue to bless Stone Creek Community Church, and that we will see people come to know Jesus! That is the true meaning of this new church. Feel free to visit us on line at:
or too see my brothers vision more visit:
I'll give updates in the future but this whole experience has made such an impact on my family and I can't wait to see what is to come! God is good!!!!!

Main Auditorium at the high school that is being used for Stone Creek Community Church!

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