Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little of this and a little of that!

I gave Megan a teenis lesson one evening and then when we got home she started teaching Andrew! One day they will get to play against one another.

Andrew trying to hold the tennis raquet like sissy showed him!

My grandma on the left turned 90 two weeks ago and we of course had a party for her. This is a picture of me with both my grandmas. I have been priviledged to have both of them in my life.

Megan had a field trip last week to the zoo! Andrew got to go with us and yeah we got to use our zoo passes again! The funniest thing happened that morning though. Andrew and I was standing outside of Megan's classroom. The bell rang, and all the kids from Megans class were making over Andrew. We showed the kids in her class a few of Andrew's signs that he uses and they couldn't get enough. Suddenly the teacher comes out the room wandering what happened to her entire class, because no one was coming into the class room. The teacher just laughed and asked the kids to come into the classroom. All I can say is Andrew knows how to draw a crowd. He cracks me up!!!

Megan and one of her friends walking with Andrew at the zoo!

Megan got to touch the sting rays at the zoo!

Our neighbor friends had a party and invited everyone on our culdesac! One of our friends has his own band and they played and sang all evening! Andrew couldn't get enough and he was in his all and glory when he got to touch the mic. Andrew loved to dance and at one point all the neighbors were chanting "go Andrew"! He had everyone cracking up! Once again he knows how to draw a crowd. I have a feeling Andrew may be the class clown one day when he starts school. When we were leaving the party, everyone kept telling us that Andrew really knows how to party!

Andrew has found a little girl friend who lives across the street with cheeks as big as his! Its a match made in heaven!

Our neighbor John singing to Andrew!

By the end of the evening the kids ended up inside our friends house and were watching a movie. What a great time we all had!

We have been putting this stuffed animal in Andrew's crib since he has been home. My brother in law Ryan gave it to him as a coming home present. Andrew has been scared of stuffed animals since he has been home, and he just usually throws them. Recently Andrew has been becoming use to this little doggie being in his bed, and just today he cuddled up with it at nap time. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me it is just one more thing that Andrew has overcome. Now, if we could just overcome his fear of real dogs will be okay!

This just cracked me up. We had this chair sitting in our kitchen and
Andrew was standing on it. The next thing I knew he fell in it and couldn't get out! So me being the great mom that I am, I grabbed the camera rather then helping him out! Oh Well! One day Andrew will laugh at his own video!

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