Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The End of Summer!

Well labor day has come and passed, and that means summer is on its way out. We are in full swing volleyball season for Alisha now, and that means games 3 days a week. We will have our lives back in two months. I'll have to post some pictures of volleyball later on. In the mean time we did spend our last summer day with the kids at the beach. We live somewhat near Lake Erie, so we needed to make sure Andrew experienced a beach at least once this summer, and I have to say he is a little beach bum! He loved it!!! I didn't hear him cry once the entire time we were at the beach. I do apologize for all the photos, I am a little crazy with taking pictures at the beach, and I only put in a few of the many that I took. I also love beach pictures in black and white! They make for great photos!

Andrew's first time in the water!

Megan gets burried in the sand!

Andrews turn to get burried in the sand!

Andrew's bib sums it up, "Major Trouble"!

I think we got a climber on our hands!

This is Alisha's version of fun at the beach!


Tamara said...

I LOVE the video of Andrew. He is so adorable splashing in the water. Doesn't look like the waves phased him a bit. Looks like you all had a great day at the beach!! =) We will be taking Landon to Myrtle in the next few weeks for his 1st beach trip!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Never apologize for cute pictures! Thanks for sharing :)