Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies with Grandma!

So every year I like to have my mom over to make some Christmas sugar cookies.  Alisha's boyfriend, Josh and his brother Andrew joined us for the festivities, along with my dad to eat a few.  All the kids really got into it this year, and we had a great time!

Andrew let daddy help him with this one, and then he kept saying " by myself".

So we then let him do some by himself!

After we were done, I kept finding Andrew under the table sneaking some of the sprinkles that fell on the floor.  So what do I do instead of telling him to stop eating them, I grabb my camera.  Of course the photographer in me takes over sometimes.

I do love how everyone is quick to run away when the fun part is over.  It took quite awhile to get this mess under control.  At least Andrew got the floor picked up for me! 

So finally the end result.  To bad these cookies wont make it till Christmas without being all eaten up!!!


Karin said...

Awesome photos! I tried taking photos of my family frosting cookies but the yellow light pretty much stinks. Did you set up lighting, or did you process afterward? Can you share your tricks? Please?! :)

The Stahnke's said...

Karin, thanks for the comment! I'm still learning when it comes to inside lighting. This time of year every time I want to snap pictures it is dark outside. One thing I did for a few of the pictures, is I set my camera to the no flash setting, and yes my pictures were pretty much yellow, but at least I didn't have shadows from the flash! So then I did fix them in photoshop. To be quick I just used a cooler action that I have, and then I lighten it up with curves. It really helped with the white balance. Another way about this is to just fix the white balance. I tried that as well, but I didn't like the result as much. Like I said I'm still learning, but maybe that will help!